Thursday, June 23, 2011

6 week post op Dr Visit

So yesterday was my 2nd Dr's visit since surgery and I got rave reviews. Dr (PA)said that she was VERY impressed with my progress as I am 70 pounds lost and down 4 sizes. She stated that they dont see numbers like mine very often, that most people at 6 weeks out have lost about 30 or so pounds and have had a major stall already. That made me feel good!

She has taken me off all food restrictions, and I am now able to eat anything just to introduce it slowly and still eat my protein first, veggies second and Carbs last.

I got back to see her in 6 months which is November. I told her that she probably wouldnt recognize me when I came in and she said, the rate your going, probably not!

I am very happy that the Drs are so happy with my progress and have said that I am doing a good job - I know I tend to be really hard on myself and thing that I am failing or not doing something right and its good to hear from a professional that I am on the right track!!

YAY :)

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  1. Hey Girl! That is amazing! Great Job! Things like this really are a lifestyle change, not just a simple "diet". Those are temporary and what you are doing is changing your life for the better. Your going to be healthier, more energetic and happier! Enjoy your life, your taking control of it now!