Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So, its been over 100 degrees for the last 19 days and it doesn't look like its going to change anytime soon ~ Maybe on the good side, this heat will help melt more of this fat away, I really wouldn't mind :)

So I decided it was time to update my blog, so I took another picture to show the transformation - Today I am about 2 weeks away from being 3 months post op ~ I have have many ups and downs, but many really good things that have happened as well

First great thing is that as of this last Friday, I am officially off of my blood pressure medicine!!! and as of this last Monday I am no longer a pre-diabetic my blood sugars are perfect!!!

I have lost a total of 86 pounds so far and am just happy as can be about that ~ Let me know what you think about my picture!