Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First 11 days

Day of Surgery May 9th, 2011 - I got to the hospital at 8:30 they put me in this room told me to put on this gown, and there I sat for my surgery - I didnt get in for my surgery until about noon but when it was time, the anesthesiologist came in gave me something in my IV to relax me, then I was wheeled to the OR. Once there, they moved me over to the operating table then put this mask on my face and I was told to take 4 really deep breaths in, and thats the last thing I remember. Next thing I remember was waking up and hearing the nurse talking, I remember her asking me if I needed anything and I said, I need air, I was given this hose that blew wonderful air in my face, it was heaven. the next thing I remember was hearing a nurse saying awww look at her, she looks like a movie star with her hair blowing back in the wind - Next thing I was being moved to my room, and my friends and husband were there waiting for me, that was so nice to have them there. The next few hours were spent napping, eating ice chips and popsicles and trying to stay awake long enough to say hi to my visitors.

Later that night at about 11 or so, I couldnt sleep, so I decided to get up and walk around outside in the halls - I cannot stress walking enough, it will help so much with the gas pain you will have.

Day Two - I found out that some of the medicine they gave me for nausea while I was under was a steroid shot that I guess messes with your sugar levels after surgery - I have to have my finger pricked a few times and had I think 1 insulin shot to make up for my wackey sugar - I also had blood drawn and a blood thinner shot in my stomach - I must say though, my friend at this point was still my morphine pump, I could press that button every 6 minutes to help deal with the pain, it was great, but was giving me a headache - I was told that I was going to be released at about noon - I was really happy about that.

A little before noon, the nurse came in and stated that she was going to remove my drain - she had to remove the couple of stitches that were holding it in , then said, are you ready? take a deep breath, and she started to pull, I swear that tube was all the way up in my shoulder because I could feel it pulling clear up there - it didnt hurt, it was just really uncomfortable - I was so happy to have that out. I did go home with the pain ball, and was told that it should stay in until it was empty, and it kept the main incision spot numb.

Right before I was released, I asked the nurse for some liquid pain medicine for my ride home, I highly recommend this as the bumpy roads can really cause alot of pain, and the extra medicine will help with this. I got home safe and sound and resting comfortably in my recliner.

Day three - I woke up with such stabbing pain - it was in my main incision and I would have random spasms - it would hurt so bad that it would make me scream and cry - I called the DR cause I didnt know what was going on - Dr said this was normal to just relax in my recliner - take my pain medicine, put a heating pad on that incision and just relax - this did help, but man was that painful

Days four through eight - Just dealing with pain and getting in my fluids each day and trying to exercise as much as possible

Day nine - Well, Yesterday I felt like I had zero energy, and I just couldnt do anything, I didnt really feel good, didnt feel like getting in everything I needed to and just felt icky.
I was having more aches and pains on my body and from reading I thinks its because the fat is moving and making my body hurt. I had started my period 3 days post op when It wasnt time, and I am STILL bleeding - I didnt walk yesterday like I should have and was really starting to be hard on myself when I stopped and thought, No, my body has been through alot and if I have a bad day here and there, thats ok -

I went to sleep last night pretty early and did get a good nights sleep and Now here I am day 9 post op -
I feel much better then I did yesterday, so thats a plus, and I am getting more water in this morning then I think I did all day yesterday -
I am soo wanting to get to the mushy food stage so bad, I cannot wait to have refried beans with cheese - lol its amazing how the little things in life we start looking forward to.
Heres to having much better days ahead and getting all of our energy back

Day Ten - So, today is day 10 post op and my pain from having the surgery is just about gone, but I am achy all over, my legs ache, my arms ache - I am wondering if its because of the rapid weight loss, I lost 36 pounds pre op and have lost 17 pounds post op so far -

Yesterday I woke up feeling pretty good, I was able to fold laundry, clean up the kitchen, which is more then I have been able to do since surgery - I was even able to take a pretty long walk last night that made me feel good - today, I am not sure if I have the energy to do even that...
I am sure that this is all part of the process, but I feel like I am just dragging and having a hard time getting my energy back and feeling "normal" again...

Later on in the day I took a shower and got a good shot of energy back and felt wonderful, I went to the neighbors an visited, went and saw another friend who had the sleeve a few years ago and also went to walmart to walk around looking for some things I needed - I was on top of the world because I have lost 58 pounds to this point and my clothes are starting to fall off of me, and I feel amazing!!!

Day Eleven May 20th, 2011 - I feel good, but I am having a bit more pain in my incision - I think because I started to feel so good late yesterday afternoon, I did too much and I am paying for it today - I still feel amazing and am so happy I am on this amazing journey -

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